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BuzzFeed Wants A Writer. One Condition: No White Males.

On Thursday, a senior writer for Buzzfeed Canada announced Buzzfeed was hiring freelance writers, adding that no white men need apply.

Scaachi Koul, formerly the managing editor of Hazlitt, tweeted:

She harshly doubled down soon after that:

This triggered blowback, so Koul backtracked:

But her repentance couldn’t last:

She expanded her hatred to include all men:

Then concluded her diatribe thus:

Koul’s parents are from an Indian Brahmin community called Kashmiri Pandits. Last fall, after appearing on a panel to discuss affirmative action in Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, and taking heat for her leftist views, Koul sniped, “I mean, what should I have expected when Jon Kay started the segment with, ‘I think it should be a strict meritocracy.’” She added, “My intersectionality is not at its best, because I live in a white world dominated by white people.”

H/T Mediaite

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