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THE BULGE: What Is Hillary Clinton Hiding Under Her Coat?

By  Joseph Curl

Hillary Clinton attended a Memorial Day parade in her adopted hometown of Chappaqua, New York, on Monday, and once again she was wearing a bulky, oversized coat and a giant scarf wrapped around her neck.

She took a picture with some Girl Scouts, many of whom are seen wearing short-sleeve T shirts.

That appearance follows her trip on Friday to Boston, Massachusetts, where she also wore a large, heavy coat and scarf in the sweltering heat.

Both times, there appears to be something protruding from the back of her coat. Speculation on social media is that she’s wearing a back brace.

In Chappaqua, Hillary wore a baby blue trench coat with a big U.S. flag-patterned scarf as she strolled along the parade route with husband Bill Clinton and Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Local weather sites said it was 71 degrees.

She posted a picture on Twitter.

Twitter lit up with speculation.

“She looks to be wearing some sort of back brace – weird protrusion and scarf (80 degrees in NYC) up to her chin,” one Twitterer wrote. “Is Hillary wearing a back brace now? Something was not natural about her posture and bundled up clothing. Weird!” another tweeted.

Hillary, 70, has had numerous health problems in the past year. She fell and broke her toe, which prompted her to wear a large medical boot for months. She sprained her wrist badly enough to wear a brace for weeks.

Those ailments followed her odd behavior at a September 11 ceremony in 2016, where aides shoved a wobbly Hillary into a van.

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