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Brian Williams’ Live On Air Sigh After Reading That Trump Won Iowa Is Everything

Dear Mainstream Media,

When you’re done calling half of the country racists for voting against Crooked Hillary, and you’re left wondering if possibly there’s an entirely different reason Trump was elected, then look no further than the video below.

The country is tired of getting home from pulling a double-shift to make a little overtime pay hoping to cover their Obamacare penalties, just to finally take their shoes off and click on the TV to hear news anchor Brian Williams, a proven liar, openly sigh as he’s reading facts off a teleprompter that he looks down his nose at — because, though he’s a proven liar, he sure knows better than half of America’s honest hard-working voting public. That’s how you get a Donald Trump presidency.

Williams, of course, wasn’t the only liberal “elite” to let their feelings fly. Celebrities posted their reactions on Twitter and the results were, well, smile-inducing:

Their confusion is astonishing…