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Bret Stephens: ‘I’m Gonna Vote For Hillary Clinton’

By  Robert Kraychik

Bret Stephens of The Wall Street Journal told Fox News Channel’s Jenna Lee on Wednesday that he will be voting for Hillary Clinton. Invited to discuss a recent column he wrote entitled My Former Republican Party, he repeatedly described Donald Trump as “a threat to the Republic.”

“I’m gonna vote for Hillary Clinton,” said Stephens, adding that he “would vote for Republicans down ballot.”

“I’m a registered Republican and I’d like to see my old party back,” continued Stephens. He added that he wants the GOP to be “the party that stands for free trade,” “the party that understands the value of [legal immigration] for the United States,” and “the party that understands the importance of a strong defense.”

Stephens described his top priority for the GOP as being an insistence that its leaders subscribe to “civility and culture.” He lamented, “that’s not what we have now.”

Stephens said a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton would help the GOP rediscover what he said were the party’s core principles.

“The only way the Republican party finds its center, finds its soul, finds its Reagan once again is if it takes such a drubbing that it says to itself, ‘We’re never gonna repeat that mistake of nominating someone with the ideas or the temperament of Donald Trump,'” said Stephens.

Victor Davis Hanson recently wrote an article entitled Never NeverTrump chastising the Never Trump crowd, published at National Review.

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