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BREAKING: Taxi Plows Into Crowd Of People In Moscow

By  Ryan Saavedra

A taxi driver plowed into a crowd of approximately two dozen people near Moscow’s Red Square on Saturday, injuring several as Russia was hosting the World Cup.

Eight people were reportedly injured in the incident with one woman listed in serious condition. Police located the driver, who fled the scene on foot, and have taken him into custody. Reuters reports:

Video of the incident posted on social media showed the yellow Hyundai taxi pull sharply out of a line of stationery traffic, accelerate and mount the narrow pavement, which was packed with pedestrians.

“There was an unpleasant incident with a taxi,” Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin tweeted. “The driver lost control of the vehicle.”

Reuters further noted that traffic officials in Moscow said that the driver “had a driver’s license issued in Kyrgyzstan, a mainly Muslim ex-Soviet republic.”

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