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BREAKING: Masked Men Open Fire On Crowd In France With AK-47s, Report Says

An unknown number of masked gunmen opened fire on a crowd of people in France on Monday using AK-47s, according to reports from local media.

The Daily Mail reports:

A group of masked attackers in three cars fired AK-47 assault rifles at young people in the French city of Marseille this evening, local media has reported.

One man is said to be “slightly injured” after the assault, which began at about 5pm and which included the use of handguns.

The gunmen began firing at a crowd of young people outside the city’s cultural centre.

The attack is another narrative fail for the political Left as France has some of the toughest gun control laws in the world, The Washington Post reports:

French gun laws date back to April 18, 1939, though they have been amended a number of times since. They are certainly tough: There is no right to bear arms for the French, and to own a gun, you need a hunting or sporting license which needs to be repeatedly renewed and requires a psychological evaluation.

The attack comes just days after French authorities foiled a terrorist attack plotted by a man of Egyptian origin who allegedly was planning some sort of attack involving explosives and ricin, which is a deadly poison. The foiled terrorist attack came just as the Islamic holiday Ramadan kicked off last week.

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