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BREAKING: Female Shooter Kills 3 At Rite Aid Facility In Maryland

By  Hank

On Thursday morning, a woman who was reportedly a disgruntled employee at the Rite Aid support facility in Aberdeen, Maryland, roughly 30 miles northeast of Baltimore, shot and killed three people and wounded others before turning the gun on herself and shooting herself to death.

According to CNN, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said the woman, who died later of her wounds, was a temporary employee; NBC News reported she was 26 years old. One law enforcement official stated that she had served as a security guard.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center spokeswoman Kristin Mears said four patients with “priority one gunshot wounds” arrived at the hospital; Ray Fang, the hospital’s trauma medical director, said two were doing well but two were seriously injured.

Around 1,000 employees work at the the distribution center, stated Rite Aid spokeswoman Susan Henderson, adding, “The shooting happened adjacent to the primary building. What I understand is the location is secure.”

CNN noted, “This marks the third shooting with multiple victims in the country in the span of a day. A shooting at an office complex in Middleton, Wisconsin, left three people hurt Wednesday, and a gunman wounded four people at the Masontown Borough Municipal Center in Pennsylvania later in the day.” Both the shooters in the latter two incidents were killed by police.

Maryland’s governor tweeted:

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