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BREAKING: Democrat NY AG Schneiderman Resigns After Sexual Assault Allegations

With breathtaking speed, after allegations from four women surfaced accusing leftist Democrat New York Attorney General of sexual assault, Governor Andrew Cuomo called on Schneiderman to resign and Schneiderman almost immediately acquiesced, announcing his resignation.

Schneiderman contested the allegations made against him, but said the charges that had been made would interfere with his capacity to fulfill the duties of his office:

Schneiderman’s dizzying fall, which transpired in one day, came only hours after he tweeted that he was leading eight state attorney generals in a charge against EPA chief Scott Pruitt:

Schneiderman’s leftism was well-noted; as New York Magazine wrote in 2013: “And halfway through his term as A.G., Schneiderman, 58, has become New York’s definitive liberal, using the national prominence his predecessors brought to the office to try to yank an increasingly centrist Democratic Party back toward its progressive roots. He’s become a gatekeeper for the left.”

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