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Bowling Green Student Claims KKK on Campus After Spotting White Hood. It’s Actually Just A Plastic Cover On A Projector.

A young black woman in Bowling Green Kentucky claimed there was an active KKK group on the campus of Bowling Green University, posting a video of what she thought was evidence of the group’s existence: a white hood. There was one problem: the video was actually a picture of a projector with a white plastic cover over it.

The young woman started like this:

She posted a now-deleted tweet reading: “yes please spread this video! This is a HATE GROUP & shouldn’t be promoting themselves on college campuses.”

Her claim was debunked by the university’s president:

The young woman thanked the president for the clarification, but stubbornly insisted the KKK still existed in the town:

She followed with a now-deleted tweet reading, “& the possibility that it could have been one is the actual issue. But ya know, some people don’t see that.”

Here’s what she should have seen: