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Boston Celtic Hall-Of-Famer Attends Trump Rally. Then This Happens.

By  Hank Berrien

On Wednesday, President Trump spoke at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota in front of roughly 9,000 people, but it was one person who apparently attended the rally who triggered the leftists who follow sports to melt down: Boston Celtics Hall-of-Famer Kevin McHale.

McHale, who grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota, was the general manager and later coach of the Minnestoa Timberwolves, and is currently an on-air analyst for NBA TV, apparently attended the rally with his wife. That drove the anti-Trump crowd to condemn him in no uncertain terms. Here is a tweet with the initial picture from which McHale’s picture was apparently drawn:

Then came this:

As Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage noted, “The left wingers then tracked down Kevin McHale’s wife’s Twitter, decided some of her political opinions were unacceptable, and so deluged her with hate that she shut down her account.”

One hint of this:

As Travis pointed out, a prominent writer on the NBA blogosphere scene tweeted this:

Travis wrote, “It’s important to note that LeBron James attended a Hillary Clinton campaign event on the stage and not one person with any kind of audience in the country had any issue with that or even remotely suggested it should impact his job status. Because LeBron’s a citizen, just like you and me, and he has a right to his political opinions, just like you and me, even if we disagree.” Travis also cited this ESPN employee tweeting this:

MASON GINSBERG (ESPN True Hoop Network Writer): BREAKING: Kevin McHale accepts head coaching gig in WNBA, only to quickly renege once he realized that it did not stand for “White Nationalist Basketball Association.”

Travis said he retweeted the Ginsberg opinion, but said it was then deleted.

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