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Bombshell: New ‘Wiretap’ Report Unravels CNN’s Ongoing Cover-Up Of Obama’s Trump-Spying

By  John Nolte

CNN is deeply invested in a Massive Lie, the lie that the Obama administration did not spy on President Trump’s campaign or transition team. The reason we know this is a lie, is simple: as we have documented previously, almost all of the national media, including CNN, were not only well aware of Obama’s spying, but going all the way back to January, the media openly delighted in this fact.

At the time, though, the media believed these surveillance stories, including one about outright “wiretapping” (a word used by the New York Times on January 19), were helpful in pushing their now-debunked narrative about Team Trump colluding with Russia.

The MSM’s evidence-free Russian scandal began to fall apart beginning on March 4, when Trump fired off a series of tweets spotlighting what the media already knew and had publicly reported on — that Obama had spied on him and his team.

It was a brilliant piece of turnabout on Trump’s part, so brilliant in fact that the media was forced to immediately disavow (without retracting) their very own reporting, disavow more than a dozen of their own stories that clearly told us the Obama administration had engaged in a chilling abuse of power.

More than any other news outlet, though, last-place CNN has gone all in, not only to destroy the president with what they knew at the time was “very fake news” about Trump and Russia, not only to encourage Trump’s assassination, but to have their star anchor Jake Tapper pompously disavow (without saying so) CNN’s very own February 14 report that proved — with these words — that CNN knew of the existence of a wiretap on Trump advisor Gen. Mike Flynn: “The New York Times quickly matched the story and said there was a transcript of the discussions.”

How does one get a transcript without a wiretap?

You don’t.

More than any other news outlet, CNN has savaged Trump over his claim Obama spied on him, even though The Least Trusted Name in News itself had previously reported on the existence of an actual Obama-wiretap in place during the presidential transition.

Then things got really bad.

In the desperate attempt to protect their Precious Barry, CNN’s ongoing cover-up became the stuff of public ridicule after the news broke that Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Adviser and Right-Hand Woman, was the administration’s UnMasker-In-Chief, the person primarily responsible for an organized and intensely-focused spying campaign against Team Trump, spying that might have went on for a year, going all the way back to when the president won the Republican nomination.

While most of the national media sought merely to downplay the bombshell, CNN stood out as the most desperately belligerent as the likes of Don Lemon beclowned himself in what can only be described as spittle-flecked denial. Without knowing anywhere near the full story, CNN anchors like Chris Cuomo outright lied about the claims against Rice being false, as did the left-wing network’s chyrons. But by allowing a former White House colleague of Rice’s, Jim Sciutto, to pose as a reporter and claim that people “close to” Rice assured him she did nothing wrong, CNN looked especially foolish.

Sciutto and CNN have only doubled down on this bizarre propaganda since.

And now, further complicating CNN’s ongoing cover-up, are two bombshells from no less than the New York Times and Washington Post. On Tuesday the Washington Post reported that the Obama administration requested and received a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page, one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers.

The Daily Wire’s Joseph Curl helpfully explains Obama’s role in this extraordinary abuse of power:

The real story is that someone on the Obama administration — Attorney General Loretta Lynch, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, perhaps Barack Obama himself — moved to have the secret court known as FISA approve a request to intercept the communications of someone who worked for the political campaign of the opposing party.

Yesterday, The New York Times dropped this WIRETAPPING bombshell: [capitalization mine]

Court Approved WIRETAP on Trump Campaign Aide Over Russia Ties

The Justice Department obtained a secret court-approved WIRETAP last summer on Carter Page, a foreign policy adviser to Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign, based on evidence that he was operating as a Russian agent, a government official said Wednesday.

The Times claims the warrant was requested and issued to Obama’s Justice Department after Page had left the campaign, but the Washington Post disagrees, as do the half-dozen or so reports from earlier this year.

Regardless, it will be amusing to see how messy CNN gets in its attempts to slither out of this painted corner. Currently, by hiding behind laughably-transparent hair-splitting over Trump’s use of the word “wiretap,” CNN wants us to believe Trump lied about being spied on, and also wants us to believe that when Obama spied on him he did absolutely nothing wrong. But now that the New York Times has reported (again) on Obama administration “wiretaps,” it is time to pop some popcorn.

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