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#BlackLivesMatter: Clinton, Sanders Trash America as Racist

By  Robert

Groveling to the neo-Marxist and anti-American Black Lives Matter movement, both Hillary Clinton and the supposedly serious presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders have made obsequious overtures towards it in hopes of receiving its blessing.

On Twitter, Clinton temporarily changed her profile image to a campaign graphic adorned with the Pan-African racial black nationalist red, black, and green colors.

Her staff evidently thought it wise to fuse this symbolism with the six (plus one) candles of the Menorah – a nearly successful attempt to depict the eight (plus) candles on the modified candelabra of Hannukah: the Hannukiah.

Wishing black separatists across America a happy faux holiday, Clinton tweeted out the following.

Clinton has also held private and semi-private meetings with agitators of the movement, including professional protestor Deray McKesson, who is widely seen as the spokesperson of the movement.

Not to be outdone by his ostensible opponent, Sanders also made attempted appeals to the false narratives of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sanders tweeted out a statement declaring that Sandra Bland would still be alive had she been a white woman. None in the press have asked Sanders whether or not the story of Bland’s death would have made national headlines were she a white woman, or if the police officer involved in her arrest had been black.

In August, Sanders was intimidated into surrendering the stage to hysterical black leftist females at a campaign event in Seattle.

During the last Democratic debate, both Clinton and Sanders refused to simply declare that all lives matter, opting instead to endorse the racial slogan that has become the movement’s namesake: “black lives matter.” Leaving a lasting impression on his party, President Barack Obama described opposition to his policies as being partly motivated by racism towards him as a black man.

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