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Black Lives Matter Sympathizers Respond To Dallas Attack By TRASHING COPS

In the days and hours leading up to attack on police officers at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas Thursday that left five officers dead and six others wounded, calls for violence against police flooded social media. Following the attack, Black Lives Matter supporters took to Twitter to make clear that they would not stop their anti-police protests because, as one put it, “some cops died.”

Some activists blamed cops for the deaths of five of their own, saying this is “what happens when you ‘good’ cops sit idle as the KKKops kill us,” while a few even floated conspiracy theories that the shooters were actually cops. Still others found ways to blame Donald Trump and, of course, the Second Amendment. Some simply posted callous messages declaring they couldn’t feel sympathy for dead cops.

“They want us to calm down because some cops died. They don’t calm down when they kill us, they just kill us more,” wrote @SankofaBrown.

“I don’t condone the killing of those cops, BUT it’s what happens when you ‘good’ cops sit idle as the KKKops kill us. So it is what it is,” wrote @KingNaij.

“I never said its okay to kill the cops. I simply won’t care though. Until I see change, there will be no sympathy coming for me,” wrote @JOMAEL.

“Cops die now it’s wrong to kill innocent ppl but 24 hrs ago it was ‘ppl create their own fate,'” wrote @JarellDaye.

“If y’all don’t think cops will kill other cops to push their violent agenda,” wrote @ClevaSoldier suggestively.

Here are screenshots of some of the tweets posted following the massacre:

Here’s one post suggesting that cops were really behind the murders:

Then, of course, there are those on the Left blaming Trump and guns:

In the three days leading up to the attack, social media was inundated with calls for violence against police officers. Mike Mea grabbed screenshots of several tweets calling for attacks on cops (screenshots below), including one from Ben Baller, who, Mea points out, is the personal jeweler of several celebrities, including Kanye West, Drake and Snoop Dogg, and has over 400,000 followers.

“I want to kill 100 cops every time I hear “stop resisting” RIP #AltonSterling,” Baller tweeted Tuesday, followed Thursday by a tweet glorifying cop killer Christopher Dorner.

“Christopher Dormer is a legend. He saw this police fuckery a long time ago and tried to do something about it. Disagree with me. lgdf,” he wrote the same day of the Dallas attack.

Then there is this from “BlackNefertiti”: