BREAKING: 11 Cops Shot In Dallas; 5 Killed; One Suspect Killed

This article has been updated as new information surfaced.

Dallas Police said during a press conference late Thursday night that 11 police officers were shot by what is believed to be two coordinated attackers. Five officers have died. One civilian was also shot.

Friday morning, the Dallas Police Department identified one of the suspects as Micah X. Johnson of Texas, who, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, told officers he was "upset about Black Lives Matter" and the "recent police shootings," and that he wanted to kill white people and specifically white officers. He warned of "IEDs" placed throughout the city. He also claimed to have been working alone, despite the attack clearly being coordinated.

Brown said the police were forced to kill Johnson using a bomb robot after negotiations broke down. An excerpt of Brown's statement below:

In a Facebook post, a group calling itself the "Black Power Political Organization" claimed responsibility for the attack and vowed to carry out more sniper assassinations. The Mirror reports that the same group posted an ominous warning days before declaring that "Justice will be served for Alton Sterling!"

Police reportedly have three other suspects in custody, two males and one female. Their identities have not yet been revealed.

The attackers are reported to have shot at police officers on duty during protests from an elevated position in parking garages.

Ismael Dejesus, a witness to the attacks, said he saw one of the attackers shoot a police officer at point blank range. After the officer fell, the attacker shot and killed him "execution style" with 3 or 4 shots into his back.

The Dallas bomb squad were called in to investigate a "suspicious package."

NBC 5 in Dallas reported:

Police are currently investigating a parking garage near Commerce and Austin Streets in downtown Dallas as bystanders shelter in place, according to KTVT.

“The shots were coming from the roof,” one protester told the station. Witnesses reported hearing more than a dozen gunshots that scattered the crowd. That protester said that officers and bystanders alike were in the line of fire.
Police officers were searching for a man with a rifle, according to several reports.

“Everybody was fair game,” The man said. “They were just shooting randomly.”

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