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Black Female Leftists Harangue Nigel Farage: You’re Racist!

By  Robert Kraychik

Harangued by obnoxious black female left-wingers casting themselves as racial victims during an ITV-hosted town hall style event on Tuesday, UKIP leader Nigel Farage was denigrated as a racist who harbored animosity towards non-white persons. Farage advocated for the Leave campaign, arguing that the UK should depart from the EU superstate.

Tola Jaiyeola, an ITV-approved audience member selected to ask a question, sought to frame Farage as xenophobic, hateful of Muslims, and racist. Next to her was seated a young Muslim woman wearing a hijab.

“Nigel Farage, what I would like to know is how can you have the audacity to use such blatant scaremongering tactics for [the campaign to leave the EU]?” asked Jaiyeola. “In light of the recent horrific sexual assaults in Germany, you have basically suggested that a vote to remain is a vote for British women to be subdued to the same horrific assaults.”

Describing German Chancellor Angela Merkel as having made a “big mistake” by admitting millions of migrants with undesirable cultural attitudes, Farage called for the UK to prioritize immigration from commonwealth countries.

“A very large number of young single males have settled in Germany and in Sweden who’ve come from cultures where attitudes towards women are different,” said Farage.

“Are you demonizing migrants?” asked Jaiyeola. “Are you not embarrassed that [Archbishop of Canterbury] Justin Welby today said that you’re legitimizing racism?”

Farage was interrupted as he was stating that media-driven misrepresentations of his comments on immigration were the foundation of Welby’s statement.

“But you’re targeting a certain group of people and using them as bait to prey upon British people’s irrational fears about mass migration,” protested Jaiyeola.

Next up was Imriel Morgan, another ITV-approved questioner from the audience, who described Farage as “anti-immigration” and fomenting “discrimination” against blacks.

“I know a lot of people – I have access to a predominantly black British audience – and a lot of the concerns that they have raised alongside concerns that I have myself, is that you are going to increase the fear and discrimination of black British people through your anti-immigration rhetoric,” said Morgan. “Are you encouraging racism?”

Farage repeated his earlier call for immigration policies that were preferential towards candidates from commonwealth countries.

“I take a very strongly pro-commonwealth view,” replied Farage, adding that it was wrong of the UK to align itself more with the EU than the commonwealth. Morgan childishly rolled her eyes and made exaggerated facial expressions during his responses.

“You’re still anti-immigration,” interrupted a disinterested Morgan. “So I don’t see, you’re anti-immigration. You use scaremongering and inflammatory comments in your campaign that have gone against people that look non-white. How are non-white people going to stop facing discrimination about their identity and nationality in this country. That is what I really want to know.”

Morgan received applause from presumably like-minded leftists in the audience.

“The majority of people that look black-British, or non-white have those concerns,” continued Morgan with her monologue. “They are very real concerns and you’re dismissing them.”

Watch the entire event below.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Imriel Morgan has been identified as a blogger with socialist news giant The Huffington Post, and apparently self-describes as a “diversity advocate.”

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