Bill Maher: I Didn’t Want To Get The COVID Vax, Wanted ‘My Immune System’ To Handle It
The Daily Wire: Sunday Special

HBO host Bill Maher joined Daily Wire co-founder and bestselling author Ben Shapiro to discuss all-things pandemic and a host of other relevant issues during this week’s episode of “Sunday Special.”

During the hour-long conservation, Maher told Shapiro that if it were up to him, he would not have wanted to get the vaccine against COVID-19, noting of his good health.

He did “take one for the team” anyway, Maher said, but would have rather had his immune system handle the virus on its own.

“I’m glad we have the vaccine,” Maher told Shapiro. “I personally would not have wanted to get it, but I did — took one for the team. I would have rather had my own immune system handle this one.”

“Now, to me, it’s a case-by-case basis,” the HBO host explained. “I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I just think everybody is different.”

“There are some diseases out there I would fight you for the vaccine,” Maher asserted, though not for COVID-19.

“America is so unhealthy — that’s the essential part we don’t address — so unhealthy to begin with, that it’s great we have a vaccine, because that is saving the lives of everyone smart enough to get the vaccine who is not in good health to being with,” he said. “But, ya know, that certainly wouldn’t have been my way to handle it.”

Notably, The Daily Wire filed a lawsuit in November against the Biden administration, after the president said he would mandate all businesses with at least 100 employees have their workers either get vaccinated or submit to regular testing, lest they be fired.

In January, the Supreme Court blocked the order, which was pushed via the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, known commonly as OSHA.

“We here at The Daily Wire are really excited about this and we put our money where our mouth was,” Shapiro reacted to the win on Fox News. “We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we were the first company in America to file against the vax mandate and watching them going down in flaming defeat is well worth that cost.”

“Our Daily Wire offices in Nashville, people were crying when they watched the decision coming down,” Shapiro revealed, “because people thought they’d lose their jobs over this. And they weren’t alone; there were tens of millions of people across the country who felt that same way.”

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