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Bill Burr Hilariously Tells Conan He Has No Sympathy for Hillary: ‘SHE BLEW IT!’

On Monday, Conan O’Brien had on Bill Burr to give his take on many things, including how President Trump’s doing, the inauguration, and Hillary.

In the clip below, Burr perfectly lays out the Left’s weak attempts to explain away Clinton’s loss, hilariously punctuating it by saying, “SHE BLEW IT!”

The video opens with Burr cracking Conan up by admitting he watched the inauguration while his wife was in labor with their child. “He literally trashed everybody,” Burr said of Trump’s speech adding, “He did it like the Elliot Ness speech in the Untouchables. The only thing he was missing was a 2×4.”

When Conan segued into Hillary and insinuated that it must’ve been hard for her to show up after losing two presidential elections, Burr wasn’t having any of it.

“I’m sick of people making excuses for her. She blew it,” Burr said to a completely quiet audience. “See that? Nobody thinks that, but she blew it. Listen, she lost to a guy who said three things a week that would torpedo anyone else’s campaign. How do you do that? It’s like playing a football game where the other team throws 20 interceptions, and you still figure out how to blow it. At what point do you take responsibility?”

Burr wasn’t done. He slammed the Left for doing what they do best, making it about race even when it’s two old, rich, white people running for office.

“I love the ‘racist white guy thing,'” the comedian began as he started an impression of the insane liberal HIllary defenders. “A bunch of racist white guys came out of the forest and they were just going ‘Trump Trump Trump!’ It’s like where were all these racist white guys the last two elections when they could’ve voted against a black guy. ‘Oh I don’t mind the black guy but this white lady, we gotta stop her!”

Conan piped back, chuckling, “So, not a lot of sympathy there for Hillary Clinton.”

“NO. You blew it. YOU. BLEW. IT,” Burr hammered home. “You put the wrong team around you. You didn’t generate enough excitement to beat this guy. I mean, it was unbelievable.”

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