Biden’s Economy Gets More Bad News: Number Of Jobs Added In March Gets Drastically Cut
WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 07: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks on job numbers from April, 2021 at the East Room of the White House May 7, 2021 in Washington, DC. U.S. economy added 266,000 jobs in April, far less than the one million jobs that was expected.
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Democrat President Joe Biden’s economy got even worse news on Friday following April’s disastrous jobs report as the number of new jobs that were added in March has been significantly revised down.

Bloomberg News reports:

The increase of 916,000 jobs in March was revised down to 770,000, meaning that the net number of people employed over the past month, relative to what was known just hours ago, was a mere 120,000.

The news followed the stunning report that only 266,000 jobs were added in April, more than 700,000 jobs short of what some projections had forecast.

The black unemployment rate increased, 18,000 manufacturing jobs were lostno construction jobs were added, unemployment for Americans without any college education increased, and women had a net loss in jobs. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that nearly 10 million Americans, 9.8 million to be exact, remained unemployed in Biden’s economy.

“Today, there’s more evidence our economy is moving in the right direction,” Biden claimed, later adding, “This month’s job numbers show we’re on the right track.” Biden cautioned that the economy still had a long way to go and that his focus was “growing the nation’s economy and creating jobs.”

Biden’s remarks come as the jobs report was described in various media reports as a “huge letdown,” “way worse than expected,” and “the biggest miss, relative to expectations, in the history of the payrolls report.”

The numbers were so bad that one CNBC host thought the numbers were perhaps wrong because of how low they were.

Biden faced criticism online over the jobs report. Donald Trump Jr. mocked Biden, saying that he was not “the next FDR,” but was “the next Jimmy Carter.”

“Congratulations President Biden – you have achieved the progressive utopia,” Fox Business host Charles Payne said. “At least 7.4 million job openings but only 266,000 people got a job last month.”

“The April jobs report illustrates what we already knew — our America First administration was bringing jobs back and building the strongest economy we’ve had in decades,” Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state and former CIA director, tweeted. “Biden’s big government economy is crushing jobs.”

The coverage that Biden received at news organizations across the political spectrum was universally negative:

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