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Biden’s Disastrous Weekend: Democrat Presidential Candidate Fumbles Through Carolinas
Democratic presidential candidate, former vice President Joe Biden addresses a crowd at Wilson High School on October 26, 2019 in Florence, South Carolina. Many presidential hopefuls campaigned in the early primary state over the weekend, scheduling stops around a criminal justice forum in the state capital.
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Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stumbled through multiple campaign stops over the weekend in North and South Carolina in what was ultimately a microcosm of how his campaign is performing.

On Saturday, Biden participated in the Second Step Presidential Justice Forum in Columbia, South Carolina, where he raised eyebrows when he was asked by an African American woman what advice he would give to her about being pulled over by a police officer.

Biden responded: “If you were my daughter, you’d be a Caucasian girl, and you wouldn’t be pulled over.”


Later on Saturday, Biden participated in a town hall event in Florence, South Carolina, where he made a series of false statements and gaffes.

During one point in his speech, Biden falsely claimed that Trump “said that migrants seeking refuge in America were – ‘these aren’t people, these are animals.'”

This is a lie that has been repeatedly debunked, and Biden has been repeatedly called out for repeating the lie.

Even The Washington Post, which, if often highly critical of the president, acknowledged that Trump’s remarks were about MS-13 gang members, not migrants.

MS-13 is widely considered to be among the most ruthless street gangs in the world as its members often beat their victims to death with baseball bats, stab them with knives, or chop them up with machetes. The criminal organization is largely comprised of illegal aliens from Central America.


During another moment from the town hall, Biden appeared unfamiliar with the field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Biden suggested, before correcting himself, that a candidate “Cisneros” was running for president.

There is no “Cisneros” running for president.


In another moment from the town hall, Biden falsely claimed that he “got started out of an HBCU, Delaware State,” which is not true.


While speaking in Durham, North Carolina, on Sunday, Biden suggested that “China’s not a problem.”

Biden has repeated this false claim numerous times this year even though it’s widely accepted in the U.S. intelligence community and by experts on the issue that China presents the greatest economic and military threat to the United States.

China also represents perhaps the greatest threat to freedom here in the United States as big businesses are increasingly cowering to the nation’s Communist Party because they want to be able to sell products and services in China, where freedom is greatly restricted.


A devastating piece on Biden’s campaign from New York Magazine called him the “least formidable front-runner ever.”

“His vulnerabilities are close to the surface. There’s the basic fact of his oldness and the concerns, explicit or implicit, about his ability to stay agile and alive for four more years,” Olivia Nuzzi wrote. “But it’s not just his age itself. It’s his tendency to misspeak, his inartful debating style, and – most of all – his status as a creature from another time in the Democratic Party, when the politics of race and crime and gender were unrecognizably different.”

“Biden is aware that it’s not going well. But it’s not apparent that he knows how to fix it. Recently, according to his staff, his anxieties have manifested more visibly. If he begins to question something small, he spirals, eventually questioning everything. Should he be saying this in his speech? Wait, should he be giving this speech at all? Should he even be focusing on this group? Is this even the right position?” Nuzzi continued. “He freaks out over minor stuff on the trail that staffers don’t believe he should be concerning himself with and yet is unable to make strategic adjustments. But the staff concern themselves with unimportant matters, too, running what they think is a general-election campaign when they need to be running a primary. Inside the campaign, the Biden brain trust seems to exist more to comfort the candidate than to compel him, and strategy meetings inevitably devolve into meandering, ruminative roundtables that feel purposeless except to fill time in the day. Nobody will tell the candidate in plain terms what they think he needs to change. Not that Biden really listens anyway.”

Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield snapped back at the report, writing on Twitter: “If New York Magazine thinks we are doing it wrong, we are definitely doing it right. Every single actual voter in this story talks about how they love Joe Biden, only to be mocked and sneered at by @NYMag for feeling that way. We’ll take the voters, thanks!”

Nuzzi responded: “What story is the Biden campaign reading? Which ‘actual voter’ did I write about, and who did I sneer at? They must be reading something else by mistake!”

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