Biden’s Climate Endgame: A $50 Trillion Bridge To Racial Equity

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 20: U.S. President Joe Biden participates in a virtual meeting of the Major Economies Forum (MEF) on Energy and Climate in the South Court Auditorium on the White House campus April 20, 2023 in Washington, DC.
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The Biden administration is hell-bent on stopping climate change, or so they say, and willing to force American taxpayers to shell out $50 trillion over the years to help them do it. How exactly will all that cash help the planet? Well, they can’t answer that, but rest assured it will help the U.S. restore “environmental justice,” the president’s team tells us — which is really code for more “racial equity” efforts.

As The Daily Wire reported, President Joe Biden’s Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk was unable to explain to Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) how or why the U.S. going carbon-neutral would help the planet stave off global warming.

“If you could answer my question,” Kennedy said, “If we spent $50 TRILLION to become carbon neutral in the United States of America by 2050, you’re the Deputy Secretary of Energy, give me your estimate of how much is that going to reduce world temperatures?”

“So first of all, it’s a net cost,” Turk said. “It’s what benefits we’re having from getting our act together and reducing — all of those climate benefits — we’re seeing —”

“Let me ask again,” Kennedy said. “Maybe I’m being — maybe I’m not being clear. If we spent $50 TRILLION to become carbon neutral by 2050 in the United States of America, how much is that going to reduce world temperatures?”

Turk stammered some more, saying that it’s a global problem. He was never able to definitively respond to Kennedy’s query.

While Turk figures out the answer to that question, the rest of the government has been ordered to mobilize into a vehicle to combat so-called “environmental justice.”


In late April, Biden signed an executive order to “direct agencies to address gaps in science and data to better understand and prevent the cumulative impacts of pollution on people’s health. It will create a new Office of Environmental Justice in the White House to coordinate all environmental justice efforts across the federal government. And it will require agencies to notify nearby communities in the event of a release of toxic substances from a federal facility.”

It also ordered the government to recognize that “racism is a fundamental driver of environmental injustice.”

Can you guess what comes next? That’s right, redistribution of tax dollars based on racial identities and other immutable characteristics as part of the solution to end climate change. It seems that the tenets of “environmental justice” aren’t so different from the policies to end “systemic racism.”

In fact, you might even suspect that the environmental justice executive order is just another way for the Biden administration to squeeze in more “equity” efforts. And if the U.S. is spending $50 trillion on the effort to make America green, that’s a whole lot of wealth that can be spread around.

It may not lower the temperature of the Earth, but Biden’s climate change fight will certainly be used to grow the government and be used as another avenue to further entrench the principles of Critical Race Theory in American society.

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