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Biden ‘Will Remember’ U.K. Politician’s ‘Offensive’ Remarks On His Mental Acuity With His ‘Long Memory’: Report
US President Joe Biden boards Air Force One prior to departure from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, August, 29, 2021. - Biden travels to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to attend the dignified transfer of the 13 members of the US military killed in Afghanistan last week.
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Democrat President Joe Biden is reportedly offended that British politicians view him as “gaga” and “doolally” following his disastrous handling of the crisis in Afghanistan that erupted under his leadership.

“The Brits have their view. But they should be careful. What’s been said is offensive and he will remember it. He actually has a long memory,” a U.S. source claimed in a statement to The Telegraph. “It’s always been his way that if somebody says something really bad to him, or about him, he doesn’t speak to them again. He does bear grudges. Boris Johnson should know that.”

The source also claimed that Biden was not “gaga,” and that, in fact, “he’s actually picked up his game quite a bit since the campaign.”

The remarks from British officials were first printed in a British newspaper, later picked up by The Washington Post, and then read in the White House, The Telegraph says.

“Quite frankly, it bodes poorly for the relationship with the UK. The special relationship is very much in danger at this point,” a second U.S. source, this one in the White House, told the Telegraph. “The president will say publicly that everything is fine, that our ties have never been stronger, but behind the scenes we are at a very dangerous moment. For him [Mr. Biden] it’s my way or the highway.”

The second source claimed that it was up to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to save the relationship.

Biden’s fury over the remarks from British officials comes after numerous members of the British Parliament slammed him in remarks a couple of weeks ago over his handling of his crisis in Afghanistan.

The Daily Wire highlighted some of the things that they said:

  • Lord Dannatt: “First, notwithstanding his attempted explanation on Monday, the manner and timing of the Afghan collapse is the direct result of President Biden’s decision to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of 9/11. At a stroke, he has undermined the patient and painstaking work of the last five, 10, 15 years to build up governance in Afghanistan, develop its economy, transform its civil society and build up its security forces. The people had a glimpse of a better life, but that has been torn away.”
  • Lord Howard of Lympne: “I am afraid that President Biden’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan is, and will be seen by history as, a catastrophic mistake which may well prove to be the defining legacy of his presidency.”
  • Lord Robathan: “…we should not underestimate the disaster and humiliation that this has been. It is on a par with the first Afghan campaign, which humiliated the East India Company and then the British Empire when Dr Brydon returned alone from Elphinstone’s army. This is a humiliation of the West, of NATO, of us, of course, but especially of the US—which, apparently, leads the free world, or so we are told. President Biden said that ‘America is back’. Robert Gates, Defense Secretary to the Administrations of both George W Bush and Barack Obama, said in his memoirs that Biden had been on the wrong side of every national security issue of the past 20 years. I agree very much with what my noble friend Lord Hammond—who I worked under as Minister for the Armed Forces—said on this point. The humiliation and disaster of the West is appalling. The West is seen as an unreliable ally.”
  • Lord Ricketts: “Confidence in NATO has been damaged. China is the main beneficiary of President Biden’s decision. ‘America is back’ now sounds rather hollow—’America is backing down’ fits the case better.”

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