Biden Guilty Of Treason, Declares Horowitz In Scathing Column
Conservative publisher David Horowitz deemed President Joe Biden guilty of treason in a scathing new column on his news site.
David Horowitz Freedom Center, Getty Images

Conservative publisher David Horowitz deemed President Joe Biden guilty of treason in a scathing new column on his news site.

Horowitz, the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and best-selling author of several books including “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America” and “I Can’t Breathe: How a Racial Hoax is Killing America,” takes aim at Biden in a no-holds-barred column entitled “How Should We Regard the President’s Treason?” In it, he blasts Biden for allowing deadly fentanyl to flow across a porous Mexican border, bungling the COVID pandemic by being weak on China, and botching the pullout from Afghanistan.

“The list of such cover-ups to protect the Chinese Communist dictatorship is long and depressing,” Horowitz writes on the site, which is published by his Freedom Center. “It includes the White House’s stone-walling of congressional efforts to investigate the origins of the pandemic that killed 9 million people globally. It includes similar stone-walling on otherwise inexplicable blunders that turned Afghanistan and its hapless citizens over to the Taliban and China, along with seven multi-billion-dollar air bases and tens of thousands of advanced weapons, and that made hostages of those who helped us during the 20-year war.”

Horowitz points out that nearly as many Americans as perished in World War II have died in the last several years from fentanyl supplied by China and smuggled into the U.S. by Mexican cartels.

“These attacks have taken place without America’s commander-in-chief issuing a single protest or threat against the governments of Mexico and China, even though his primary responsibility is the protection of American lives,” Horowitz writes.

The fentanyl from China still hasn’t killed as many Americans as the COVID-19 virus, which many experts now agree likely came from a lab in Wuhan. Horowitz notes that Beijing lied about the virus’s contagiousness and lethality in the early days of the pandemic, allowing it to spread around the world.

Horowitz laments that even most conservative media voices will “go no further than wondering aloud whether Joe Biden might be ‘compromised’ by his influence-peddling side businesses with our enemies, China and Russia.” But he assesses the commander-in-chief in blunt terms.

“Joe Biden and his family have made themselves wealthy beyond their dreams by taking millions of dollars in bribes from foreign powers, chief among them our mortal enemy Communist China,” Horowitz writes. “We don’t know exactly what American interests the president has betrayed to earn his ill-gotten wealth, but it doesn’t take rocket science to know that ‘betrayal’ is the appropriate verb to describe what he has done.”

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