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Bette Midler: It’s 62 Degrees in NY! Global Warming! Blame Men!

On Thursday, Bette Midler, who uses so much hair spray she has personally engendered global warming, was panicked in New York as the temperature rose to a balmy 62 degrees in the middle of winter.

Midler tweeted:

Only days before, Midler noted with panic:

Midler has been on her global warming crusade for years; in December 2015 she tweeted, “Dec. 22, 2015, 63 degrees in NYC. I would like to thank the ignorant selfish climate deniers for all their goodwill toward the planet.”

Yet she may be confused; check this out from the year before, when it snowed down South:

Perhaps it’s the blustery Wind Beneath the beating Wings of her limited brain capacity, or her renowned perception with which she can spot imminent problems From a Distance, but Midler certainly merits The Rose for her performance as the world’s leading purveyor of nonsense.

Certainly the problems of global warming weigh on Midler like a Beast of Burden, but she would likely claim that the unusual climes of New York would be “All I Need To Know” that men had, through their fecklessnes(s), malevolence and greed, destroyed the earth, as evidenced by the warm wafting breezes she is experiencing whistling through her ears.

Man-hating and global-warming fear-mongering. What song should she be singing now?

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