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Bette Midler Drops The Most INSANE Response To The London Terror Attack

On Saturday, London was hit with yet another deadly radical Islamist terror attack: three jihadists murdered seven civilians and injured 48 others by plowing a van into a crowd of pedestrians and stabbing people in local bars and restaurants. One witness said they heard one of the murderous jihadists say, “This is for Allah” mid-attack, and the Islamic State later claimed credit for the attacks.

As we’ve seen time and again, there was innocent blood spilled in the name of Allah by jihadists adhering to a radical interpretation of Islam. However, this was lost on self-appointed anti-terror expert Bette Midler, who decided the attack was the fault of “men and religion,” both of which she labeled “worthless.”

And Midler wins the award for Hottest Leftist Take.

According to the rich Hollywood elite, the male cops who bravely risked their lives to kill the murderous jihadists before they killed more innocents are “worthless.” The men fighting overseas for her right to pop-off and say such ridiculous nonsense in the safety of her own home are also “worthless.” Moreover, is Midler forgetting the San Bernardino radical Islamist terror attack which involved evil female jihadist Tashfeen Malik?

And then there’s the ambiguous “religion” reference.

Which religion, Bette? Was it the Buddhists again? Maybe it was those Catholics? It’s the Mormons who are notorious for murdering infidels in the name of Allah, right?

You see, Midler is a performing the art of Leftist Deflection. She couldn’t simply deflect the blame onto “guns” for the attacks as per usual because there were no guns used in these attacks, so she instead had to resort to “men” and “religion.” She believes she’s being brave for scapegoating an entire gender (the evil one) because #feminism and “religion” because it doesn’t dare single out Islam.

But she’s a coward, just has her fellow denial-ridden Leftist friends are.

This was the fault of evil Islamic terrorists who would want nothing more to than to see Midler and the rest of us infidels convert or die. Her denial of truth doesn’t make her brave; it enables a politically correct culture which would allow more of the same.

Say it with me, Bette: radical Islam is to blame.

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