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Bernie Sanders, Self-Hating Jew, Blasts Israeli ‘Occupation’

By  Hank Berrien

If you’ve ever heard the term “self-hating Jew” but didn’t know what it meant, look no farther than Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sanders, in a video message to the hard-left Israeli Meretz party to mark the end of the Six Day War in 1967 and “50 years of Occupation,” said, “The occupation must end.”

Sanders commenced his loathing of the Jewish state by referring to Meretz, which only has five seats in Israel’s 120-seat Knesset, as “Israel’s most prominent political organization.” Gushing that Meretz stands “for many of the same values that progressives are fighting for here in the United States and throughout the world,” Sanders continued with a vicious attack on Israel, stating, “We are now in the 50th year of Israel’s occupation, an occupation which denies basic Palestinian rights while failing to deliver Israel real security … I know so many of you agree with me when I say: this occupation must end. Peace, real peace, means security not only for every Israeli, but for every Palestinian. It means supporting self-determination, civil rights and economic well-being for both peoples.”

Resorting to leftist platitudes, Sanders huffed that what was needed was “a politics of solidarity and a common humanity … brave people uniting around a common set of values with clear goals, can change a country, they can change the world, they can even change the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Sanders’ hatred of Israel has been well-documented; he told The New York Daily News the massive lie that Israel had killed 10,000 people in the 2014 Gaza war, later admitting he did not know the exact number.

As Michael Laitman wrote last June in The Jerusalem Post:

We did not need Bernie Sanders’ pick of BDS backer and Israel basher, Cornel West, to partake in writing the Democratic platform, to know how he feels about Israel. Back in May of 1985, when Sanders was still mayor of Burlington, VT, he invited fellow (Jewish) Israel critic, Noam Chomsky, to give a town hall speech. Sanders did not protest when Chomsky nonchalantly stated that Israel “doesn’t want a political settlement” in the Middle-East, or when he asserted that Israel served as a “surrogate” murderer for the US and carried out mass killings “in Africa, Asia, and primarily Latin America,” where, according to Chomsky, Israel massacred “thousands, if not tens of thousands of people” in Nicaragua.

As far as Sanders accepting the myth of the “occupation,” Elliott Hamilton of The Daily Wire eviscerated that myth here.

Lastly, Sanders’ essentially communist perspective has nothing at all to do with values promulgated in the Torah, which is definitely geared against the common ownership of the means of production.

It’s bad enough for Sanders to be ignorant of Jewish values, but for him to blithely attack Israel and champion the very people bent on destroying it is repulsive.

Video below:

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