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Bernie Sanders Inspired An Actual Clown To Run For Congress

By  Emily Zanotti

An actual clown is running for Congress in South Carolina, and it’s all thanks to Vermont Senator, and failed Democratic presidential contender, Bernie Sanders.

Steve Lough is a former clown with the Ringling Brothers circus, The Hill reports, and a former volunteer with both Barack Obama’s and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns. He also happens to have snagged the Democratic nomination in South Carolina’s 5th Congressional district, and he could take on the sitting Republican incumbent, Rep. Ralph Norman in November.

His campaign promise? He’ll be a better clown in office than the current clowns in office.

“They joke that the president and Congress are all clowns,” Lough said in his declaration speech. “Well, in my professional opinion, they are the worst clowns I’ve ever seen.”

For a clown, Lough is also pretty unfunny. His platform, which is decidedly — and unsurprisingly — progressive (because, let’s face it, clowns are the worst), favors a universal, state-run health care system, and severe restrictions on guns.

When asked to cite his inspiration for seeking public office, Lough was clear: it’s Bernie Sanders all the way.

“What Bernie Sanders is saying is not radical in any other part of the civilized world, it’s common sense. We should invest in our children’s education so they can be good citizens, workers should be paid a living wage, and you should be able to go to the doctor when you are sick and not worry about going bankrupt,” Lough told local media. “Single Payer Healthcare works and it saves taxpayer money. My wife is Japanese, I lived in Japan, I have personally seen how Single Payer Healthcare works. I believe healthcare is a basic human right.”

Before he can clown around in the general election, Lough will have to survive the Democratic primary, which will take place later this year.

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