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Administration Surrenders: Shapiro To Speak; Violence Breaks Out ***LIVE UPDATES***

The Daily Wire’s very own Ben Shapiro will be giving a speech at California State University Los Angeles on Thursday at 5 PM ET. Watch the livestream below.

6:15 – CUBAN EMIGRE: “GET INVOLVED” – A middle-aged Cuban emigre woman warns of the totalitarian nature of the left, saying that if the left’s political inertia is unabated, things will get much worse.

5:50 – “PAN-AFRICAN STUDIES” PROFESSOR LOSING IT ON SOCIAL MEDIA – Middle-aged Nation of Islam and Black Panthers sympathizer Melina Abdullah is spamming her Twitter and Instagram feeds with hysterical rants.

5:45 – “NEGATIVE” VS. “POSITIVE” RIGHTS – Shapiro is asked about the differences between so-called “positive” and “negative” rights – terms popularized by the left due to implicit perceptions of the two terms. Shapiro rejects the philosophical argument that any person is entitled to the fruits of the labors of others, particularly via the enforcement of governmental force. Natural rights, Shapiro argues, are freedoms from the coercion of others or the government.


5:42 – FORMER CAMPUS COP APPLAUDS BEN – The man states that freedom of speech and expression is fragile, and requires vigilant protection.

5:37 – “YOU NEED DEBATE” – Shapiro explains how forced consensus and conformity kill innovation through competition and disagreement.

5:34 – DIVERSITY NEEDS TO BE QUALIFIED – Shapiro calls out the vagaries of unqualified diversity as a virtue unto itself. Racial diversity is superficial and irrelevant. Diversity of values extends legitimacy to awful idea, such as totalitarian leftism’s desire to suppress free speech and expression. Diversity of ideas, on the other hand, allows for valuable learning through comparative analysis of competing visions.


Protest outside of Ben Shapiro’s talk at CSULA. The children are so #triggered they are preventing us from entering the venue. Absolute disgrace. I’m losing hope in humanity.

Posted by Carlos D. Flores on Thursday, February 25, 2016

5:22 – “WE FIRED UP AND CAN’T TAKE IT NO MORE!” – Leftist and Black Lives Matter agitators outside the front door are chanting communist slogans: “The students united, will never be defeated!”

5:21 – FLASHBACK TO MELINA ABDULLAH – Abdullah is a Nation of Islam and Black Panthers supporter who participated in the so-called Million Man March anti-American event last October. See her hysteria on display below. She is a professor in the department of “Pan-African studies,”

5:30 – FIRE ALARM PULLED – “You know what? They’re not going to stop us,” says Shapiro.

5:19 – STUDENTS “SNEAKING” INTO AUDITORIUM – Shapiro notes that students entering the auditorium are entering through side doors, as left-wing and Black Lives Matter agitators are blocking the front doors.

5:16 – SHAPIRO CALLS OUT WILLIAM COVINO – Shapiro calls out CSULA’s president’s totalitarian mindset, in which Covino acts as if he has been appointed arbiter of what political parameters are to be set on speech.

“Welcome to America,” says Shapiro, where “you and your jack boots” don’t get to define what can and cannot be said.

5:14 – SHAPIRO TAKES THE STAGE – Shapiro calls out the disgraceful state of affairs in which such risk and precaution needs to be taken to simply deliver such a speech. He thanks YAF and its supporters for their courage is going against the grain of fascistic leftism on campus.

5:08 – NAZARIAN REPORTS VIOLENCE – Nazarian reports that left-wing Black Lives Matter agitators used violence and intimidation in an attempt to obstruct participants from attending the event. She speaks with a young student who claims the agitators directed anti-Semitic innuendo towards him when hearing him speak Hebrew: “The Jews control everything.”

Leftism and anti-Semitism are often correlated.

4:50 – YAF STATEMENT ON CSULA ADMINISTRATION CAVING – Following the school administration’s reversal of its attempt to censor Shapiro in the interests of its politics, YAF released the following statement:

4:45 PM – BLACK LIVES MATTER AGITATORS ASSAULT BREITBART JOURNALIST – Breitbart’s Adelle Nazarian gets assaulted by Black Lives Matter agitators. See the video below.

4:40 PM – FIGHT BREAKS OUT AT ENTRANCE – Young America’s Foundation members are holding “FREE SPEECH MATTERS” signs.

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