Ben Shapiro Calls Out The Yard-Sign Hypocrisy Of Martha’s Vineyard

Podcast Movement apologized for its poor treatment of The Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro at a Dallas trade show last month.
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The long nightmare is finally over for the people of Martha’s Vineyard, who were forced to share their idyllic island enclave for more than a day with some 50 migrants, Ben Shapiro noted Friday on his podcast and radio show.

The migrants, flown in by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, were shuttled off Friday morning to a Massachusetts military base after wealthy locals in the liberal playland balked at their presence. Shapiro, tongue firmly in cheek, explained that it isn’t always easy to live up to the values on your self-righteous yard signs.

“My heart goes out to the victimized people on Martha’s Vineyard who are having to deal with like, a few days of charitable meal giving. It’s really rough stuff happening here,” Shapiro said.

DeSantis and fellow GOP governors Greg Abbott, of Texas, and Doug Ducey, of Arizona, have been sending to blue states migrants that cross into their territory, or, in Florida’s case, get flown there by the federal government. Texas has sent nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants to New York City and Washington, including about 100 that were dropped off in front of Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence on Thursday.

Democrat leaders, including Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser, and New York Mayor Eric Adams, who have all supported the administration’s border policies, have decried the busing tactic and said their cities and states cannot absorb the influx of migrants.

But the trip that ended on Martha’s Vineyard was a masterstroke for revealing the hypocrisy of the left and the problem of a Biden administration policy that has allowed an estimated 2 million migrants to pour into the U.S., Shapiro said.

“This has led to a dramatic narrative from the media and from the Democrats, which is that it’s the highest form of barbarism to put people on air-conditioned buses and planes to some of the popular, rich areas of the United States,” Shapiro said. “Awful. They should have to stay in super poor towns along the Texas border.”

Shapiro noted besieged U.S. border towns like Del Rio and McAllen, Texas, have been forced to absorb and care for tens of thousands of migrants the administration refuses to deport.

“The kind of numbers we’re talking about in Martha’s Vineyard are nothing, OK?” Shapiro said. “They’re really nothing, comparatively speaking, to the border towns here.”

Ultimately, Democrats can’t claim open borders are a good thing, then whine when the policy affects them directly, Shapiro said.

“They can’t have it both ways,” he said. “On the one hand, they say illegal immigration is a wondrous good for the United States. It shows the sympathy of the United States, shows our open arms. It shows that the slogans on the Statue of Liberty are the real Constitution.

“And on the other hand, if you show up at our house, man, are we going to be pissed,” he added. “Let me tell you, then it’s an emergency.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of your own lawn sign.”

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