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Barneys New York Debuts $375 ‘Antifa Jacket’

Have you ever wanted to protest the evils of Capitalism alongside the black-clad members of Antifa, but also you have no desire to stand alongside the rest of the proletariat, lest you be identified with whatever poor people germs remain from their non-universal health care?

Good news, Barneys New York has a solution for you: the outrageously overpriced “M-65 Anarchy” Antifa jacket, a “military inspired” drab green jacket that screams “I oppose the Trump-Pence regime” but also “I’ve never been below 86th,” and retails for a cool, and decidedly capitalistic, $375.

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The jacket appeared on social media Saturday during the nationwide “Resistance Marches” (that were mostly “Resistance gatherings of approximately 100 people”), and was, of course, roundly mocked and derided as “undoubtedly fake.” After all, it’s emblazoned with incredibly obvious slogans, a couple of hastily-drawn “anarchy” symbols and a punk checkerboard motif from the early 1990s. It’s trying just a little too hard.

It turns out, though, that the jacket is very, very real, and still available on the Barneys New York website.

Alpha Industries, the jacket’s manufacturer, is a longtime supplier to the U.S. military, and unsurprisingly, they told the Daily Dot they were trying to sell the mystique of Antifa to all those Millennials whose progressive politics are little more than skin deep.

“We have seen resistance to power and authority become a trend in our current pop culture and society, often expressed through fashion,” a spokeswoman for Alpha Industries said. “Since 1965 the M65 field jackets have been a favored method to graphically express one’s opinion. We developed the Barneys M65 anarchy jacket to encompass the artistic and graphic expressions of individuality.”

In short, when Alpha Industries saw Antifa, it also saw a cadre of over-indulged, upper-middle class white kids who would most certainly drop a few hundred at Barneys on some ready-made protest attire.

Antifa was noticeably unhappy with the implication that they’re a bunch of privileged crybabies, but Alpha Industries (and, by extension, Barneys) was fairly clear that they wouldn’t be making the jacket if there weren’t a market for it — and the effortlessly styled, pre-ripped several-hundred-dollar designer jeans it’s paired with.