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Barbra Streisand Says Trump Passed Tax Reform For ‘Personal Gain.’ Then Shapiro Reminds Her Of An Awkward Piece Of Her Own History.

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On Thursday, Barbra Streisand took to Twitter to sound off about the evils of other Americans keeping their money. She tweeted out a piece from Charles Blow of The New York Times calling the tax reform bill “The Great American Tax Heist,” and included her own commentary:

Unfortunately, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro reminded Streisand about her own history of milking the judicial system for personal gain:

The incident Shapiro referred to occurred in 2003, when Streisand decided to sue environmentalist photographer Kenneth Adelman for putting out aerial pictures of her Malibu estate. Adelman ran the California Coastal Records Project, which worked to provide photos of the California coast to government officials for purposes of educating them about erosion. The picture in question had been seen some six times . . . total.

As MentalFloss summarizes, this created the so-called Streisand Effect, in which millions of people accessed the photos after finding out about Streisand’s nutty lawsuit. By the way, Streisand lost her lawsuit and had to pay Adelman’s legal fees.

What a woman of the people.

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