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Avenatti’s Wife Reportedly Furious He’s Ignoring Their Divorce Because Of Stormy Daniels

By  Hank Berrien

The wife of Michael Avenatti, the lawyer representing Stormy Daniels, is reportedly furious at her husband because he has ignored their divorce in order to attend to Daniels.

Lisa Storie-Avenatti text-messaged Fox News, “I need to be divorced and if [Michael Avenatti] continues to paint the narrative, he can ignore our case!” Storie-Avenatti did not elucidate for Fox News what “narrative” she referred to or how her husband was ignoring their divorce.

The couple wed in 2011. Just months before Avenatti launched his attacks on Trump, he filed for divorce. According to court records, Storie-Avenatti kicked him out of the house and changed the locks.

Storie-Avenatti, who founded Ikaria Resort Wear, disputed media reports claiming the couple has already legally separated, stating, “Everyone reports we are divorced. That does not help my goal to get a divorce. Can you imagine divorcing him?”

Storie-Avenatti commented, “Tell me where our money and his time has been spent.” According to court records, Avenatti’s monthly expenses have soared to as much as $40,000. Fox News reported, “He’s a noted collector of watches and artwork, uses a private jet to travel, and leases expensive cars, his wife claimed in case documents.”

Meanwhile, Avenatti seemingly fancies himself as a fighter for women’s rights:

Storie-Avenatti asserted, “I’d be more than happy if he dated a nice woman,” adding, “Better than porn stars.” When asked about that comment, she backed off a trifle, saying, “Porn star is not his type if that’s what you want to know. No story here except what you see on TV.”

Queried by Fox News about his wife’s assertions on Thursday, Avenatti said tersely he had “no idea what you’re talking about.”

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