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Authorities Fail To Secure Terrorist’s Apartment. Again.

Various media are contaminating a scene of investigation – the apartment of Omar Mateen – just two days after the Islamic terrorist attack targeting LGBT persons at a nightclub in Orlando.

Authorities similarly failed to secure the apartment of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the Islamic terrorist couple that carried out last year’s mass murder in San Bernardino. Days after the attack in December of 2015, various media operator were going through the terrorist couple’s apartment

Left-wing Spanish language Univision was on the scene, with its reporter and camera operator walking through Mateen’s apartment to give its audience a tour.

With authorities failing to secure the apartment, the apartment was broken into on Monday morning. Federal law enforcement searched the apartment and left by Sunday night, about 24 hours after Mateen’s attack.

Various media entered the apartment shortly afterwards. The FBI then returned to the apartment, clearing it and securing it by about 5 AM on Monday.

H/T Dave Urbanski at The Blaze

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