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Atlantic Writer Blows The Lid Off Kanye West Situation: Rap Star Is A ‘KREMLIN AGENT’

By  Emily Zanotti

Eric Garland, “strategic intelligence analyst” who occasionally writes for The Atlantic on the subject of “Russian collusion,” has come up with the perfect explanation as to why Kanye West has suddenly been “red-pilled” and is now a dedicated supporter of President Donald Trump.

Kanye West, he says, is obviously a Russian agent, sent by the Kremlin to infiltrate American pop culture and turn the tide of popular opinion toward Trump.

BRILLIANT. How did we all miss it?

Garland laid out his theory in surprising detail, suggesting that Kanye had connected, somehow, with former Trump aide Roger Stone, bolstering his theory with “evidence” that Kanye met briefly with Trump ahead of the presidential election before spending time in Moscow, where he was, no doubt, recruited by Vladimir Putin to play a key role in fomenting Russian influence in the United States.

The emojis really lend credibility to Garland’s theory.

Kanye West did, in fact, go to Russia the week after meeting Donald Trump, but at the time Kanye, who is a fashion designer in addition to being a self-proclaimed world class genius, was trying to form a partnership with Russian fashion designer Gosha Rubchinskiy and get inspiration from “avant garde” Russian fashion “artists” for his new line of Yeezy clothing and accessories. The fashion magazine, Vogue, covered the trip from start to finish.

When questioned on his theory by Daily Beast reporter Lachlan Markay, Garland doubled down.

The kicker is, of course, that if Kanye West was a Russian agent, he’d have a hard time keeping it to himself. Kanye is not the sort of man you hire for clandestine work; he tends to announce even the smallest movement on his projects across social media, because those announcements feed into his story of being a remarkable visionary.

The good news is, of course, that Democratic activists have picked up the line and are now pondering whether Eric Garland is in fact onto something. Scott Dworkin, the head of the Democratic Coalition, tweeted Wednesday that he was deeply considering the implications of Garland’s findings.

Yep, this is the right road to go down, leftists. Keep it up.

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