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Astros’ First Baseman SUSPENDED For Racist Gesture During World Series Game

By  Emily Zanotti

The Houston Astros first basement, Yuri Gurriel, narrowly avoided being booted from the World Series after he made a racist gesture and used a Spanish-language slur for “little Chinese guy,” against Japanese-born Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher, Yu Darvish.

Gurriel won’t be suspended for the World Series, but he will be suspended for five games — without pay — when baseball returns next spring. He will also receive “sensitivity training” and will make an apology to Darvish.

“There is complete unanimity — me, my office, both owners, both clubs, and the (union) — that there is no place in our game for the behavior like we witnessed last night,” Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said in a statement late Friday. “There is no explanation that makes that type of behavior excusable.”

“Mr. Gurriel quickly realized last night that his behavior was wrong. I met with him today. He reiterated that remorse and he assured me that he will offer a private apology to Mr. Darvish,” Manfred continued.

Gurriel made an informal attempt at an apology Saturday night. “Yesterday I was commenting that I’d never had any success against Darvish, and the gesture was saying that I wish he would look at me like one of them (Japanese players) and maybe he’d throw me an easy pitch so I can do something. At no point did I mean that in an offensive way. On the contrary, I’ve always had a lot of respect for them.’’

Darvish was surprisingly kind, telling media that he felt Gurriel’s gesture was “disrespectful,” also suggested that players could consider the incident a “learning experience” and move on — perhaps his conciliatory mood was helped by the fact that the Astros led the series 2-1 before Los Angeles tied it up Saturday night.

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