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Associated Press Now Refers To Illegal Aliens As ‘Undocumented Citizens’

The Associated Press (AP) took their war-on-words to a whole new level on this week by referring to illegal aliens as “undocumented citizens.”

The report, published Tuesday, was on Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s response to President Donald Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

“Emanuel spoke as Chicago Public Schools marked the first day of classes Tuesday,” AP reported. “The mayor told students at Solorio Academy High School they ‘are welcome in the city of Chicago.’ The Chicago Sun-Times reports that school officials say about a third of the school’s students are undocumented citizens. Emanuel said Chicago schools “will be a Trump-free zone.”

Normally AP refers to illegal aliens – which is the legally correct term – as “undocumented immigrants.”

AP recently came under fire after they released their 2017 AP Stylebook which cracked down on conservative terminology and promoted terminology that is favored by liberals.

The AP Stylebook instructs, “Use anti-abortion instead of pro-life and pro-abortion rights instead of pro-abortion or pro-choice.” It goes on, “Avoid abortionist,” saying the term “connotes a person who performs clandestine abortions.”

Words related to terrorism are sanitized in the AP Stylebook. “Militant,” “lone wolves” or “attackers” are to be used instead of terrorist or Islamist. “People struggling to enter Europe” is favored over “migrant” or “refugee.” While it’s true that many struggle to enter Europe, it is accurate to point out that they are, in fact, immigrants or refugees.

“Illegal immigrant” and “undocumented” aren’t acceptable anymore either. “Illegals” and “alien” were already forbidden a few years ago.

AP’s bias in favor of Democrats should come as no surprise – they worked to provide positive coverage on former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with members of her staff on multiple occasions.

On one occasion, the State Department told specific “friendly” reporters at AP about Hillary’s missing emails before Congress so they could control the media narrative.

AP even coordinated with Clinton’s campaign by telling them that they were willing to be “steered away” from a story about Clinton’s emails.

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