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Schow Targets McCaskill: Stop Blaming Others For Your Election Loss

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Daily Wire Senior Editor Ashe Schow appeared on Martha MacCallum’s Fox News program, “The Story,” Tuesday night to discuss Sen. Claire McCaskill putting part of the blame for her re-election loss on how Democrats mishandled the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“I don’t think my vote [against Kavanaugh] hurt me as much as the spectacle that occurred,” McCaskill told NPR host Rachel Martin. “There were mistakes made by my party in terms of how that was handled. I don’t think that communication [from Christine Blasey Ford] to the judiciary committee should have been kept private as long as it was. The FBI deals with a lot of confidential information, and that would have absolved [judiciary committee ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein] of the very real perception that this was an 11th-hour attempt to gut a guy.”

On Fox, MacCallum asked Schow what she meant when she said McCaskill supported the policies that led to the mishandling of the Kavanaugh allegations. Schow responded:

Absolutely. So, McCaskill and Sen. [Kirsten] Gillibrand of New York, have been pushing policies on college campuses, in the military for years that basically say you have to believe all women, due process is the enemy to justice, and we saw it play out with Kavanaugh.

We saw immediately an allegation – Christine Blasey Ford was immediately called a victim – we couldn’t question her story even though nobody could corroborate it, there was no evidence to back it up, it was from 36 years ago, and yet Kavanaugh had his name dragged through the mud. And McCaskill’s now blaming Democrats for that when it was her policies that led them to do that? That’s absurd.

MacCallum then asked if Kavanaugh’s experience would change anything in this country, to which Schow responded:

I think it did and I think it’s going to be bad for Democrats, because there are people who weren’t really aware of what was going on campus or in the military who saw this play out in the court of public opinion and just kind of stood up and go, ‘Wait, what? What is going on? Where was the due process? Where was the presumption of innocence?’

And I think it might hurt Democrats in the future because I think people are going to see this and think, “Wait, do I want to vote for a Democrat who’s openly advocating to take away my Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights?” I mean, we see it on campus with Free Speech as well and the Second Amendment, but now Fifth and Sixth?

MacCallum then said that everyone needs to wake up to what is happening to due process in this country. Schow responded:

Oh, absolutely. I mean, it’s been going on for years, people need to pay attention. Gillibrand has – Gillibrand is the main issue on this right now, the main speaker; McCaskill’s on the way out, but we have the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, who is working to instill some due process because we still have the Gillibrands of the world, the [Sen.] Patty Murray’s of the world going out there –

MacCallum interjected to ask if these women were pushing back against the DeVos changes or if they were unaware of them as of now. Schow concluded:

No, they are absolutely pushing back, saying, ‘This is going to set back survivors. This is harmful. This is, you know, going to keep people from coming forward.’

I’m sorry. It’s providing due process rights to people who are accused of a heinous crime. We have to allow them to defend themselves.

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