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ARSENAL: Photos Of Hotel Room Show Las Vegas Gunman’s Weapons And Ammo

A Fox affiliate in Boston, MA, has obtained exclusive photos showing guns, ammunition, a bi-pod, and hammer, reportedly taken inside Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

The photos show just two guns in Paddock’s arsenal of 23 weapons, which included a handgun and rifles outfitted with scopes and stabilizers, and modified to shoot as automatic weapons. Police also found hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and a hammer, which Paddock used to break out two windows in his two adjoining hotel suites.

Boston25’s Jacqui Heinrich, who says she obtained the photos from “sources in Las Vegas,” posted the pictures to her Facebook page.

An official told The New York Times that the weapons pictured are “AR-15-style assault rifles,” and at least one of the rifles has a “bi-pod,” used to stabilize the gun while in use. An undisclosed number of weapons were modified with what is called a “bump-stock” that allows a shooter to fire the gun as if it were a fully automatic rifle.

Contrary to earlier reports, the gunman did not use an “AK-47,” and Paddock purchased the guns legally, passing several background checks at several different Vegas area gun retailers.

An FBI search of Paddock’s Mesquite, NV, home yielded 19 more guns, more ammunition, bomb-making materials, and several “electronic devices.” Police and the FBI have yet to say what those electronic devices would be used for, and haven’t revealed what they found during a search of Paddock’s second Nevada home, hours north of Vegas, near Reno.

According to reports from the Las Vegas sheriff department, Paddock had cameras set up in the Mandalay Bay’s 32nd floor hallway so that he could see when police arrived. Paddock shot through the door at the SWAT team sent to neutralize him (wounding one officer in the leg) but killed himself before the SWAT team fully breached his hotel door.

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