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Arnold Schwarzenegger Demolishes Stretch Limousine With 50-Ton Tank

By  Joseph

He might be 70 years old, but Arnold Schwarzenegger is still a total bada**.

The Terminator appeared last week on “Jay Leno’s Garage,” but instead of showing off a vintage car, Arnie was there with his 1951 M-47 Patton tank.

And yes, Schwarzenegger owns the tank, which sports two V-12 engines and 810 horse power. The tank is the very model he used while serving in the Austrian Army in 1965, and Austria gave it to him for free.

“That’s exactly the same tank with the 331 number on it. M-47. It’s exactly the tank,” he said. “Let’s just jump in there and anything we find — we crush,” Schwarzenegger said to Leno.

Of course, he doesn’t get to drive it much, so he put it to good use on Leno’s show.

And boy did they find something to crush.

In the show, the two are having a blast tooling around in the 28-foot, 50-ton tank when they come upon a stretch limousine in their way. “Do you want me to do something about it?” Schwarzenegger asks.

“I think we should do something about it,” Leno says.

“All right, so be it,” says the Terminator.

Then they run over the limo, flattening it like a pancake.

In his normal life, Schwarzenegger said he puts the tank to good use. “I bring kids out here from the after-school programs. When they stay in school their reward is to come out here and drive tanks with me.”

Then Leno jokes: “And the ones who don’t stay in school — you crush them?”

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