‘Are There Any?’: Fox Reporter Corners Psaki Over Biden Claim That GOP ‘Majority’ Support Rick Scott’s Plan (They Don’t)
WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 10: White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki speaks during the daily press briefing at the White House on May 10, 2022 in Washington, DC. Earlier in the day, President Joe Biden delivered remarks on inflation and met with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
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Fox News Correspondent Alexandria Hoff challenged Press Secretary Jen Psaki directly over President Joe Biden’s claim that a majority of Republicans were in favor of a plan proposed by Senator Rick Scott (R-FL).

“So today the president said that a majority of Republicans have signed on to Sen. Scott’s tax plan. That does not seem to be the case,” Hoff began, noting that Senator Scott had said as much earlier in the day. “Senator McConnell had said that the party is not behind this.”

“Are there any Republicans that you can think of that the president might be referencing that is currently behind this?” she asked.

“Do you count the chairman of the Republican committee as an important Republican?” Psaki countered with a question.

“He is the chairman of a committee, but if no other Republican —” Hoff pushed back.

“She — it’s actually a she — is the chairman of the party,” Psaki clarified

“I thought you were referring to Scott there,” Hoff replied.

Psaki went on to claim that because GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel had praised Scott’s plan and no other Republican had offered an alternative, the assumption was that Scott’s plan was the only thing Republicans had going forward.

“They did say one was coming in the summer and, as far as Senator Scott goes, he acknowledged today that a majority is not behind him. He says this is his individual plan for this,” Hoff said again.

Biden has been claiming for days that Senator Scott’s plan is a reflection of the Republican Party’s plan going into the 2022 midterm elections, tweeting late last week, “Senator Rick Scott released an Ultra-MAGA Agenda. It could raise taxes on 75 million American families. Under this new plan, while big corporations and billionaires would pay nothing more, working-class folks are going to pay a hell of a lot more.”

Since declaring Scott the author of the newly-coined “Ultra-MAGA Agenda,” Biden and Psaki have been harping on that and accusing other Republicans of being a part of it — despite the fact that Scott himself told Fox News on Tuesday that the majority of the party was not in favor of his plan and that he was open to the suggestions of others.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also declared the plan a non-starter in the Senate — six weeks ago.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy also stated that his midterm agenda in the House would not reflect Scott’s plan.

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