‘Apologizing Just Leads To More Apologizing’: Adam Carolla Defies The Left’s Bullying

If AOC "were in her sixties and husky, nobody would listen to a word she ever said, because she sounds like an idiot.”
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Comedian Adam Carolla, who has made his career on speaking what he regards as the unvarnished truth, damn the consequences, spoke to veteran reporter John Stossel, doubling down on his mockery of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez while shrugging off the idea of capitulating to leftists demanding apologies.

“You said, ‘If AOC were fat and in her sixties, no one would listen to her,’” Stossel pointed out, referencing a comment Carolla made in February. Carolla had told Fox News’ Sean Hannity, “If AOC was fat and in her sixties, would anyone listen to another thing she ever said?”

“Well, that’s the truth. That’s 100% true,” Carolla replied.  “If she were in her sixties and husky, nobody would listen to a word she ever said, because she sounds like an idiot.”

Leftists had predictably gone ballistic over Carolla’s comment. “Majority Report’s” Emma Vigeland carped, “It’s very predatory and creepy,” while “Young Turks” host Cenk Uygur sniffed, “He projects his sexism onto others.”

“But what Carolla said is simply true,” opined veteran reporter John Stossel, who interviewed Carolla. “Nobody pays much attention to House freshmen. Ocasio-Cortez is a political celebrity simply because she’s pretty, and also, she speaks without constantly saying ‘uh.’”

“Apologizing just leads to more apologizing,” Carolla told Stossel. “They want you to apologize because they want dominion over you. And once you apologize, they just keep coming back.”

Asserting that he simply didn’t care what leftists thought, Carolla said, “I just happen to be wired not to care, as long as I’m right.”

Carolla spoke of his criticism of how the federal government originally handled COVID, saying, “They didn’t give the ages of the people who died at the very beginning. I immediately got suspicious because it was a bunch of 90-year-olds.”

He decried the refusal of those on the Left to have a civil conversation with their political opponents: “When you’re going to a bar, you want to sit next to a guy who’s a Steelers fan, if he’s a Steelers fan. That’s why they have Steelers bars and Patriots bars. But occasionally, and it’s part of your job, you have to invite somebody over from the Patriots bar and have a robust debate on who’s the better team.”

“I believe that they would let the other side speak if they thought they could beat them in a debate. They don’t,” he declared.

Carolla, who once told a crowd, “The only way these people are going to go away is if everyone just sort of collectively tells them to f*** off,” stated, “I think if you’re intellectually honest or I gave you two beers, you would agree with me. … I don’t really have a choice as to what I say. It has to be the truth all the time. I’m a comedian. It’s a sacred oath I took.”

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