‘Apache Attack Helicopter’: Leftist Researchers Accuse Students Of Fascism, Hostile Language Toward Transgenders
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Researchers foisting an online questionnaire regarding LGBTQ issues in STEM on students accused the students of fascism for mocking them.

In a paper titled, “Attack Helicopters and White Supremacy: Interpreting Malicious Responses to an Online Questionnaire about Transgender Undergraduate Engineering and Computer Science Student Experiences,” the researchers, all from Oregon State University, wrote, “Our goal is to identify and interpret malicious responses recorded in a first-of-its-kind national questionnaire for transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) students in undergraduate engineering and computer science programs.”

“Our goal is to better understand how these responses relate to engineering culture by framing them within larger social contexts — namely, the rise of online fascism,” the researchers claimed.

The researchers revealed their leftist perspective, writing, “We began writing this paper in 2020, before some of the major events of the last few years, including the COVID-19 crisis, the move of conspiracy theories such as QAnon into mainstream discourse, the attempted coup and fascist insurrection of January 6, 2021, the overturning of reproductive rights by the Supreme Court in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, legislative attacks on TGNC children and youth and their health care providers, new waves of book banning, and restrictions against K-university educators in states such as Florida.”

The researchers noted, “Respondents frequently mentioned DEI efforts, and affirmative action, with one referring to ‘privilege point systems.’ Programs that seek to promote equity and inclusion may be perceived by these respondents as antithetical to ideologies of meritocracy.”

The researchers were disturbed by responses that mentioned “Apache Attack Helicopters,” writing, “Identifying one’s gender as an (Apache) Attack Helicopter is also a hallmark of anti-trans discourse online, whether overt or in passing, and helicopters and aircraft were mentioned 12 times in the data.”

“This analysis is a rebuke of conspiracy theories and misinformation which not only barraged our research but also underpinned the fascist storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, 2021,” the researchers declared.

Some other responses included:

While I of course do not condone bullying or discrimination, I wish people in universities (especially the faculty) would not focus so much on gender and identity. That doesn’t matter. Just let people do their thing and teach them how to do Gauss eliminations and whatnot.

Please do some research on something that will actually benefit the human race. This notion that these quacks are normal is crazy. Honestly, they make engineering courses more a pain in the a**. Why can’t they just sit down and learn the material like the rest of us and stop making everything about themselves?

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