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WAR: Antifa-Associated ‘Refuse Fascism’ Announces Mass Protest Against Shapiro Event

By  Daily Wire

Refuse Fascism, an organization which appears regularly with Antifa at protests, has announced they will hold a mass protest against Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro when he speaks September 14 at the University of California, Berkeley. They are circulating a flyer accusing Shapiro of being a white supremacist, a misogynist, xenophobic, and intellectually fascist.

The accusations are hilariously out of touch with reality; Shapiro was the number one target of anti-Semitism on Twitter in 2016, mostly from white supremacists; he has vehemently denounced the KKK and white supremacists time after time; he is accused of being a misogynist because he is staunchly pro-life, and thus is protecting all those little female babies the feminist-obsessed Left ignores as they champion abortion; xenophobic is ridiculous considering he has said repeatedly that he would be happy to trade ten million immigrants who would come to America and work hard to achieve the American Dream over ten million people who simply want a hand-out from the government; and intellectually fascist is ludicrous as he always says before any Q&A that he wants leftists to go to the head of the line so they can discuss their differences.

Buzzfeed describes “RefuseFascism” as follows:

A ubiquitous presence at protests, this organization is best known for its bold black-and-white signs reading “NO! We refuse to accept a fascist America!” and for accidentally doxxing people who signed its own petitions. Its goal is the wholesale impeachment of Donald Trump and the ousting of everyone involved with his administration. Bob Avakian, chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, called the ad hoc group together after the 2016 election. They’re planning a nationwide Occupy-esque protest on Nov. 4.

Sunsara Taylor, a cofounder of the group, acknowledged that although Refuse Fascism organizes nonviolent protests, she doesn’t condemn any tactics people use to protest (emphasis added) because of what she sees as the extraordinarily fascist nature of the Trump administration.

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