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This Anti-Cruz Video Backfires, Makes Case For Why He SHOULD Be The President

By  Chase Stephens

Liberal author, economist, and political commentator Robert Reich released the video above claiming that though he hates both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, he believes the latter to be way more dangerous for the country. What’s that saying about my enemy’s enemy is my friend?

Reich’s “scary” points against Cruz:

1- Cruz is Fanatical – meaning he actually believes in the Constitution and wants to uphold it.

2- Cruz is a True Believer – meaning unlike The Donald, he actually believes in the conservatism he touts and has a life-long record to back him up.

3. Cruz is Disciplined and Strategic – meaning unlike Trump who’s “all over the place and often winging it saying whatever pops into his mind,” Cruz has a clear and crafted strategy and “plays the long game as he did in Iowa.”

4. Cruz is a Destroyer – meaning when the liberals and weak-kneed Republicans want to rip up the Constitution to push another disastrous program onto the American people, Cruz is willing to stand against it no matter the cost.

Reich, who was Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary, is obviously no fan of Trump or Cruz but he has not endorsed his former boss’ wife either. Instead he backed the only openly socialist candidate running. That’s right, a professor of economics thinks the socialist has the best economic plan for America.

The author of Reason: Why Liberals Will Win the Battle for America lays out his 6 reasons Sanders can win…

Also, as a liberal insider, Reich tweeted yesterday that he had some insight into what Obama may do with Scalia’s Supreme Court seat…

Exit thought for Mr. Reich…


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