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ANOTHER Trump Campaign Office Was Vandalized

By  Hank Berrien

According to the Delaware County Republican Party in Indiana, on October 8 vandals hurled two landscaping bricks through a window of their offices.

At the time of the vandalism, signs for Donald Trump and Todd Young were on the window at the time, as the group’s Facebook page stated.

To replace the window will cost roughly $1,200. Delaware County Sheriff Ray Dudley has reported the theft of campaign signs from yards in the Yorktown and Mount Pleasant Township area.

On Sunday, a Republican headquarters in North Carolina was firebombed; the vandal spray-painted the message “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” on a nearby building.

On Wednesday, in San Antonio, Texas, police reported a burglary at offices used by the Donald Trump campaign. The San Antonio Police Department said an off-duty officer discovered someone trying to break into the office, although a spokesperson for the San Antonio Police Department said the burglary was likely not politically motivated. The suspect had been attempting to break into other buildings as well.

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