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Another Kingdom III, Ep. 1: The Graveyard of Memory

By  Andrew Klavan
Another Kingdom 3 Ep 1
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The following is an excerpt from the first episode of the newly released fantasy-suspense podcast epic “Another Kingdom III” written by bestselling author and Daily Wire podcast host Andrew Klavan.

Austin suddenly finds himself a Hollywood success, awash in money, success and babes. But who’s that mutant squirrel-woman peering in his window?

With a savage battle cry, the knight in silver armor plunges into the swirling snow. As he rushes from the darkness of the cave into the blizzard, he is nearly lost to sight in the vortex of white and wind. His weirdly flowing armor becomes one with the storm. His sword, clasped in both his mailed hands, raised to deliver a slashing strike from behind his right shoulder, is nearly invisible. Only his face, bared beneath his lifted visor, shows clearly through the wild weather. His dark eyes blaze with fury and fear. His mouth gapes wide on a ragged and murderous cry. He rushes toward the beast.

The white beast is part of the weather too — also lost in the weather: a hulking, hungry presence as it moves to reclaim its den. The knight can see the creature clearly through the tempest only because its eyes—its ravenous eyes — glow an unnatural red and shine out of the depths of the maelstrom. The knight can hear the thing as well. Even over his own hoarse shout, even through the hoarse and steady roar of the wind, he can hear the Yeti growling low. That growl — it’s not a fierce sound. No. It’s a growl of satisfaction. The beast can smell the knight. He can see him with his red eyes, see him charging. He’s growling with anticipation of a fresh kill, a fresh feast, a new pile of bones to add to the others already scattered in the shadows of the cave.

As the knight draws back his sword for the attack, the Yeti flexes his massive paws so that the claws switchblade out of them with a whispered snap. The claws are curved and sharp and daggery and, like the knight’s armor, nearly invisible in the snow.

Another split second of swirling white confusion, of shouting and growling and the roaring wind. Then the two opponents clash, the knight’s sword swinging, the beast’s claws slashing.

The whirling storm turns red….

Listen to Another Kingdom III, Episode 1 on The Daily Wire here.

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Trailer for “Another Kingdom III,” performed by bestselling author and Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles, below:

Another Kingdom is a fantasy-suspense epic by award-winning, internationally bestselling novelist Andrew Klavan — who also happens to host a popular podcast on the Daily Wire. The story follows Austin Lively, a Hollywood wannabe, whose nowhere career spirals into madness and adventure when he walks through a door into a magical land of swords, sorcery, monsters and magic. Bizarrely, his desperate fight to survive in this other world leads him to uncover an international conspiracy in this world so that he’s not only the target of dragons and wizards on one level of reality, he’s hunted by assassins and the police in the other. Two fast-paced adventures heading toward one explosive conclusion both in Los Angeles and in another kingdom.

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