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Another Actress Narrowly Escapes The Clutches Of Scientology

By  Chase Stephens

Host of Tru TV’s Billy On The Street, Billy Eichner, created an “Escape From Scientology” obstacle course with all the bells and whistles, including a giant volcano, a billion-year contract, and a gay husband.

Former Saturday Night Live Star Rachel Dratch, was tasked with running the harrowing course, but instead of racing through as her famous character Debbie Downer, she had to play Scientology’s latest “Debbie Downer,” TV actress Leah Remini, who recently made a public departure from the L. Ron Hubbard worshiping cult.

Billy explained, “There are several obstacles. In the first few obstacles you are joining Scientology, then there’s a twist. You decide you need to escape from the religion, save your kids, save your friends, and most importantly, save your acting career.”

Dratch heroically persevered, crossing the finish-line right into a handshake deal to star in a new show on TV Land, only to realize it was all make-believe, just like Scientology.

debbie downer

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