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Democrat Andrew Yang Echoes Calls From Communist China To Have Proof-Of-Vaccination Barcodes
Andrew Yang, founder of Venture for America and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, reacts as he stands in the spin room following the Democratic presidential debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, U.S., on Friday, Feb. 7, 2020. The New Hampshire debates often mark a turning point in a presidential campaign, as the field of candidates is winnowed and voters begin to pay closer attention.
Adam Glanzman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Failed Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who is also a CNN contributor, echoed on Friday calls from communist China by calling for people to have proof-of-vaccination barcodes.

“Is there a way for someone to easily show that they have been vaccinated — like a bar code they can download to their phone?” Yang wrote on Twitter. “There ought to be.”

“Tough to have mass gatherings like concerts or ballgames without either mass adoption of the vaccine or a means of signaling,” he added. “I’ve been tested at a photo shoot or interview and gotten a bracelet showing I was negative. Then we could interact more freely.”

Yang’s remarks are similar to what Chinese communist dictator Xi Jinping, who has religious minorities locked up in concentration camps, wants to be implemented around the world.

“China mandated the widespread use of QR-based health certificates earlier this year. The system, which uses an electronic barcode to store a person’s travel and health history, has been credited with helping to curb the spread of the virus,” CNN reported last month. “The code issues users with a color code based on their potential exposure to the novel coronavirus. The colors are like traffic lights — green is safest, then amber and finally red.”

“China has proposed a global mechanism on the mutual recognition of health certificates based on nucleic acid test results in the form of internationally accepted QR codes,” Xi said last month. “We hope more countries will join this mechanism.”

Yang faced widespread backlash over his comments, although Democrats were largely silent, with many pointing to privacy and authoritarian concerns.

Doctor Nicole Saphier responded to Yang’s tweet by writing: “The mere mention of bar codes given following vaccination will dissuade 50% of the population from getting the vaccine. Not to mention, are we now going to start labeling those with other communicable diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis, to segregate them from the ‘healthy?'”

The Electronic Frontier Foundation wrote on Twitter: “A digitized system based on proof of immunization will amplify access issues and introduce privacy concerns that would harm public health efforts to ease the public’s mind.”

Professional basketball player Andrew Bogut wrote on Twitter: “Maybe an arm band with a specific kind of logo will suffice?”

Political commentator Mike Cernovich wrote: “When fascism appears, it won’t come with a gun, it’ll come with a smile.”

Political commentator Dave Rubin responded: “I like Andrew, have had him on the show, he’s welcome back and would love to shoot hoops with him. But… This sort of centralized authoritarian control that Democrats want around every part of your life is why there are so few moderates left. Star on their jacket, maybe?”

A National Review podcast host added: “I know your heart’s in the right place but trust me on this one, there will be a mass revolt among certain (and large) American subgroups if this becomes a thing. I think you know why.”

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