Andrew Cuomo Warns Unvaccinated People They Could ‘Wind Up Killing Your Grandmother’
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - MARCH 08: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo greets people after speaking at a vaccination site at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on March 8, 2021 in New York City. Cuomo has been called to resign from his position after allegations of sexual misconduct were brought against him.
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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who presided over a COVID-19 nursing home policy that may have resulted in thousands of coronavirus-related deaths among the elderly, warned New York’s unvaccinated and vaccine-hesitant residents that they could kill their grandmothers if they continue to refuse to get a COVID-19 shot.

“During a press conference on Monday, Cuomo — who is facing down a nursing home scandal and a cornucopia of sexual harassment allegations — said that the state was targeting the ‘youthful’ and the ‘doubtful’ to get the COVID-19 vaccine,” per Fox News. “Cuomo said that there is ‘an attitude’ among the unvaccinated that they believe ‘they’ll be fine’ and warned that unvaccinated people could have a ‘lingering consequence’ of COVID-19.”

“There is an attitude of ‘they’ll be fine, why should they take the vaccine,'” Cuomo said in his presser. “Maybe you will get a long haul syndrome, that we’re really not sure what it is yet, but a lingering consequence of COVID.”

“Maybe you go home and kiss your grandmother and wind up killing your grandmother,” he then snapped.

Cuomo is, of course, accused of backing a coronavirus-related policy that forced nursing and other long-term adult-care facilities to take in residents recovering from COVID-19 without regard for whether those patients remained contagious or were still testing positive for the virus. That policy, which was rescinded after around two months, may have led to the deaths of thousands of elderly New York residents, including many in facilities that serve the low-income and minority communities.

In August of last year, a public report suggested that as many as 6,500 nursing home residents had died of the novel coronavirus — an already large number — but a recent report from The New York Times suggests that that report could have been off by thousands, and Cuomo aides spent “months” trying to hide the true death told of Cuomo’s nursing home policy. According to The New York Times, a draft report indicated as many as 9,000 nursing home residents had died of COVID-19 by the end of May 2020 — a full 35% of all New York deaths.

The administration is also alleged to have deliberately hidden the death toll even from New York legislators. In February, a Cuomo aide is reported to have told New York Democrats that the administration refused to give an accurate count of how many people were affected by the administration’s nursing home policy in order to avoid federal scrutiny. Later reports indicated that Cuomo aides may have hidden the death toll in order to clear the way for Cuomo to sell a book about his pandemic leadership.

The FBI and the United States Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn are now looking into Cuomo’s nursing home policy.

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean, who became a chief advocate for victims of Cuomo’s nursing home policy after learning that her in-laws likely died of COVID-19 because of the rule, told Fox News that Cuomo had “some nerve” calling others “grandma killers.”

“He has some nerve shaming others for possibly endangering their grandparents,” Dean told the network. “Over 15,000 elderly are no longer with us thanks in part to his deadly policy to re-admit infected patients into nursing homes. If anyone knows how to kill a grandma, it’s Andrew Cuomo.”

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