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Amy Schumer Takes Credit For Tanking The Super Bowl Halftime Show

By  Emily Zanotti

No one wants to play with Maroon 5 during the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show, and Amy Schumer believes that’s at least partially her doing.

According to TMZ, the comedienne believes she started a “domino effect” when she lambasted Maroon 5 back in October, pleading with the top 40 band to drop the NFL gig because the league was “conspiring” to lock out former second-string 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick over his anti-racism protests.

“No one is stepping up to perform.” Schumer told the entertainment news program.

Schumer also claimed that the NFL’s difficulty in finding a national act to perform during the championship game’s halftime show is evidence that her pledge not to star in any Super Bowl commercials had ripple effects.

“The snooty lil digs about me in stories about the Super Bowl halftime talent is such a yawn,” Schumer said. “All out of touch white guys annoyed by me standing up for what I believe is right.”

“I have done 2 Super Bowl commercials in the last couple years and I’m so stupid thinking my opinion would matter right? Well guess what? I may have made a difference. No one is stepping up to perform,” she continued.

Then she patted herself on the back for her continued wokeness.

“Maybe they wouldn’t have anyway. But at least I tried to help out and do what other people are too greedy or afraid to. Would you do that to stand up for people of color?” Schumer said. “I may have made an impact. You can write about sports and even be the best at it but what have you done to help the marginalized or under represented?”

“I will continue to do everything I can. Even with all the snide little white sports writer making cutting remarks,” the comedienne concluded.

That’s giving herself a lot of credit. The NFL is struggling with twin problems: “woke” artists who feel their careers won’t survive performing during the halftime show because it’ll open them up to social justice warrior criticism, and “unwoke” fans who feel the league has wrapped itself up too tightly in the ongoing controversy over Kaepernick’s protests.

Both problems are showing signs of resolution. The Redskins are reportedly considering signing the out-of-work Kaepernick to serve as their quarterback, and the former-49er is reportedly working on settling his “collusion” lawsuit against the NFL which suggested that NFL team owners conspired with the federal government, including with President Donald Trump, to lock Kaepernick out of the league even though there were available quarterback jobs.

As for the viewers, the NFL knows it has to attract a big audience for its yearly blockbuster, having lost nearly 10% of its market-share last year as viewers tuned out of both the games and the political protests.

Maroon 5 has yet to name their “special guests,” but the NFL reportedly has contingency plans in case another high-profile act fails to materialize before the first week of February.

But at least Amy Schumer feels good about herself.

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