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Amy Schumer Says Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Will Have The ‘Worst Wedding’

By  Joseph Curl

As the world awaits a fairytale wedding in London on Saturday, some people just aren’t getting in the spirit.

Angry comedienne Amy Schumer says the blushing bride will have the “worst wedding.”

Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle will wed in an elaborate ceremony, the first royal wedding since brother Prince William wed Kate Middleton.

But Schumer thinks Meghan will have the “worst” time.”

“This poor girl. Your wedding, everyone says it’s your day, right?” Schumer said Thursday on a radio show.

“She’s like ‘No it’s not.’ You have to meet all these foreign dignitaries you’ve never met before. There’s so much pressure. It’s like, can you imagine having the worst wedding? That would suck,” she said.

Maybe the leftist comedienne is just in a bad mood. Schumer’s now become box office poison after a string of failures, including her latest star-vehicle, “I Feel Pretty,” which bombed hard this past weekend, coming in at third place with just $16.2 million for the weekend.

The cousin of Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer is always angry, pushing gun control, ranting about radical feminism at the “Women’s March,” and calling Trump supporters “rich, entitled white people.”

But whether or not she likes it, a fairytale wedding will take place on Saturday when Markle and Prince Harry will marry the prince at Windsor Castle. And our guess is Markle will have a wonderful day.

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